Selena Hoy

Selena Hoy

I'm a writer.

Curious enthusiast based in Tokyo. I write about food, culture, recreation, art, business, and travel in Japan and beyond.

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Scones 300x165 article
The Billfold

Cheap Eats: Chocolate Peanut Butter Scones

Here's a cheap and easy recipe for scones by reader Selena Hoy....

Last hundred yen 300x187 article
The Billfold

My Last 10,000 Yen: Train Fare, Chocolate, and a Haircut

When I moved to Tokyo a few years ago, the yen and the penny were about even—that is, about 100 yen to the dollar. Since then, the dollar has taken a massive dump and today it's about 79 yen to the dollar....

Screen shot 2012 07 29 at 9.53.39 pm 232x300 article
The Billfold

My Spanish Bread Secret (And My Tokyo Tofu Secret)

A secret about bread and also a secret about tofu....