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I'm a writer.

Curious enthusiast based in Tokyo. I write about food, culture, recreation, art, business, and travel in Japan and beyond.

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Bargains from Buddhas to Batteries

Getting a feel for Japan's many flea markets.

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Machida pub offers cozy, kicked-back oasis

Local watering hole gets British pub right.

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Curry Kitchen Kush Kush, Machida

Delicious Indian food in Machida's Kanamori: The small unassuming restaurant is situated on a busy thoroughfare, crowded with car dealerships and discount stores. It's easy to miss. But you'll be glad you didn't if you stop in to sample their mouthwatering array of curries and appetizers....

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Café Goatee

Indie music lovers take note: in the midst of the temples and shrines of central Kamakura is a little coffee shop that serves up a great selection of Americana, blues, and singer-songwriter music alongside the caffeine and whiskey, Café Goatee....

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6889 Café, Minami Machida

Machida, Tokyo: This vegan restaurant is stylishly done up with lots of wood and plants, stained glass, and iron accents. A few screens are constantly playing offbeat movies like the ones where Johnny Depp wears a lot of make-up (which is, admittedly, most of them), world travel documentaries, and music videos...

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T's Tan Tan

Vegetarian ramen seller in a busy restaurant in Tokyo station...

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Café Sprout in Ginowan City

Small vegan café in converted military housing next to Okinawa International University...

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Vegan Junk Deli Rock the Casbah

Vegan weigh-and-pay cafe in a strip mall in Okinawa City with cute shop attached....

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Vegi Cafe Shanti, Naha

Vegetarian Nepalese food and good vibes near Shuri Castle...

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Noah Style Organic Café, Naha

Wholesome vegetarian food, natural products, organic vegetables, and bunnies at Naha's east side Noah Style Cafe...

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Vegan good, 'zines, and indie music in Shibuya | Stripes Japan

By: Selena Hoy. Japan Tourist. Nagi Shokudo has been around several years now and has become one of the mainstay vegan spots in Tokyo. Tucked in ......

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Sano Premium Outlets® – Shopper's Paradise in Japan

A day trip to Tochigi, visiting Sano Premium Outlets, going strawberry picking, and seeing Ashikaga Flower Park. ...

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Roppongi Kaguwa

Located in Tokyo’s popular nightlife district, Roppongi Kaguwa is not your typical restaurant where one merely dines and wines. Fronted by a sophisticated Japanese-style façade, this dinner theatre incorporates a huge variety of wicked entertainment and delectable cuisines that can only be best described as ‘an excellence of fusion’....

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Machida's Cafe Katsuo

Cafe Katsuo has an Italian-Japanese menu, a cozy atmosphere with sofas and international pop songs blaring, and a VW “beetle” bus out front to sell cupcakes....

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A Day in Hakata, Fukuoka City

It is definitely about atmosphere in Fukuoka City, about open-minded people full of energy, but the city has some great sights to offer, too. Here is the itinerary with my favorite spots!...