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Selena Hoy

I'm a writer.

Curious enthusiast based in Tokyo. I write about food, culture, recreation, art, business, and travel in Japan and beyond.

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Highlighting Japan June 2015

Highlighting Japan June 2015

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Cultivating the Spark - Alexander Bennett

Highlighting Japan October 2015

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Highlighting Japan August 2015

Highlighting Japan August 2015

Ganjitsu no Asobi

New Year Games in Japan

Hanami article


Cherry blossom viewing in Japan


Jan 2, 2014 ... in concentration. SELENA HOY. That is spanned by flights of magpies–. One player's hand shoots out just as the caller recites the third line!...

Cherry Blossom Viewing

Apr 2, 2014 ... Hanami. SELENA HOY. A few pale pink petals drift lazily down, their gentle descent framed by a blue spring sky, every whisper of the breeze....

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Highlighting Japan September 2013

... try your own moon viewing ceremony? Make some dango, decorate with fall fruit, and write some poetry to celebrate the beautiful fall full moon. by Selena Hoy....

Kitsuki City—Edo Era Ambience

Jul 1, 2014 ... SELENA HOY. T HERE's a salty tang in the air in Kitsuki, situated on the southern coast of. Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita. Prefecture, Kyushu....

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Highlighting Japan February 2014

... don't do that much any more. So next February why not try throwing some beans, eating some eho-maki and getting into the Setsubun spirit? by Selena Hoy....

The Power of Womenomics

Jan 30, 2014 ... CONTRIBUTORS Selena Hoy, Noam Katz, Tami Kawasaki, Larry Knipfing,. Luca Majero, Isao Naruse, Rieko Suzuki (CONTRIBUTORS)....

Behind the temples, the soft rustle of silk

Feb 1, 2014 ... SELENA HOY. K YOTO doesn't shout; she whispers. A city of elegance and refinement, a soft rustle of silk and the shushing sound of gravel ......

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Highlighting JAPAN 2013年8月号

... を歌いながら、美しい満月を観賞します。 あなたも月見をしてみませんか? 団子を 作り、秋の果物で飾り、詩を書いて美しい秋の月を観賞してみましょう。 by Selena Hoy....

A World of Myth

Jun 1, 2014 ... SELENA HOY. T HE road to Nara. Prefecture's. Totsukawa Village winds through a deep green cleft in the earth, with hairpin turns. Totsukawa....

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Highlighting Japan October 2013

... in successful business and gives people, such as Mr. Mori, the ability to thrive in even the toughest situations. by Selena Hoy. Illustration by Louise Rouse....