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Selena Hoy

I'm a writer.

Curious enthusiast based in Tokyo. I write about food, culture, recreation, art, business, and travel in Japan and beyond.

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Hanyu Natsu Matsuri

Saitama's Hanyu city buzzes with energy at its annual summer festival....

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Matsue History Museum

History, art, and tea at Matsue History Museum...

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Café Goatee

Indie music lovers take note: in the midst of the temples and shrines of central Kamakura is a little coffee shop that serves up a great selection of Americana, blues, and singer-songwriter music alongside the caffeine and whiskey, Café Goatee....

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Ohisamaya in Sendai

Vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant just a few blocks from Sendai Station—just awesome food!...

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Naturalia in Kofu

Organic and macrobiotic shop and café in Kofu City, Yamanashi...

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Curry Kitchen Kush Kush, Machida

Delicious Indian food in Machida's Kanamori: The small unassuming restaurant is situated on a busy thoroughfare, crowded with car dealerships and discount stores. It's easy to miss. But you'll be glad you didn't if you stop in to sample their mouthwatering array of curries and appetizers....

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Nagi Shokudo

Shibuya, Tokyo: Unlike many vegetarian restaurants in Japan that tend to have only a few plate-lunch style specials, Nagi's menu is varied, with over a dozen dishes to pick and choose from, not to mention a healthy list of libations. Some choicey bits are the soy meat with sweet chili sauce,...

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6889 Café, Minami Machida

Machida, Tokyo: This vegan restaurant is stylishly done up with lots of wood and plants, stained glass, and iron accents. A few screens are constantly playing offbeat movies like the ones where Johnny Depp wears a lot of make-up (which is, admittedly, most of them), world travel documentaries, and music videos...

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Deva Deva Café, Kichijoji

Seating about 20, the clean wooden interior is light and airy, with an open kitchen visible through a wide peek-a-book window behind a row of bottles, cooking tools, and specials boards. The menu is entirely vegetarian, and most things can also be made vegan. The café strives to use organic and...

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T's Tan Tan

Vegetarian ramen seller in a busy restaurant in Tokyo station...

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Indian food at Shin-yokohama's Cubic Plaza, the station's shinkansen adjacent shopping center...

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Café Sprout in Ginowan City

Small vegan café in converted military housing next to Okinawa International University...

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Vegan Junk Deli Rock the Casbah

Vegan weigh-and-pay cafe in a strip mall in Okinawa City with cute shop attached....

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Noah Style Organic Café, Naha

Wholesome vegetarian food, natural products, organic vegetables, and bunnies at Naha's east side Noah Style Cafe...

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Vegi Cafe Shanti, Naha

Vegetarian Nepalese food and good vibes near Shuri Castle...