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Selena Hoy

I'm a writer.

Curious enthusiast based in Tokyo. I write about food, culture, recreation, art, business, and travel in Japan and beyond.

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Neko cat cafes p article
CNN Travel

A guide to cat cafes in Tokyo

Neko cafes are not just for crazy cat ladies...

2hj preview article
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Tokyo's first food bank mobilizes for earthquake and tsunami victims

Second Harvest Japan taps into its network to send food and relief supplies to Tohoku...

Cream art p article
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Art good enough to eat or food cute enough to display?

Osamu Watanabe spreads kawaii art with the cutest cream and sugar creations...

Dsc02070 preview article
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Takashimaya Rooftop Garden: Take a load off in an unexpected green space

Whether you've spent a hundred yen or a hundred thousand, this garden offers respite from the consumer bustle below...

Mj p article
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Suit up and see Sapporo's Snow Festival

The city of Sapporo celebrates one of its most abundant natural resources, snow, at the annual Yuki Matsuri...

Ice skating rinks p article
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5 of Tokyo's best skating rinks

Blade up and skate along on these best Tokyo ice rinks...